Monday, December 16, 2013

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Ever realize how strong you are? Ever thought why everyday we are able to wake up to face another day, that we were able to survive yesterday with complete undistorted or less of a human?
Well, it is because of the Mercy of Allah, and because you are still fighting your battle, because Allaah is still sustaining you with His Love, Guidance and Protection. So are we not to say Alhamdulillaah?

Do you think any scholar or any person who have earned such status in Islam through the guidance and wisdom Allah has bestowed upon him didn’t go under struggle, yet they still went on, and they have and until now survived it, because they had the faith in islam, in Muhammad sallallahu allaihi wassalaam and most truly to Allah who have created them.

Of course they did, learn from the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum, Bilaal Radiyallahu Anhu was tortured yet remained steadfast and Allaah reward him as the first muezzin in Islam, Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Anhu was tortured by other men so severe that the people thought He would die, but still he never left Muhammad’s sallallahu alaihi wassalaam side, ‘Umar Radiyallahu Anhu had the best luxuries of life and was at the peak of his status but this didn’t shun him from coming to Islam- these are just some of the stories of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum that would inspire us as much.

Or rather let me remind you the struggle and severe maltreatment that our beloved Muhammad sallallahu allaihi wassalaam had when He went to Taif? See full story here

Indeed we all are to struggle, we are awake for a reason, our struggles are done for something that will benefit us, if we fail then embrace the failure but remember tomorrow is a new day, so don’t let the failure of yesterday haunt the light of your tomorrow. in sha Allaah.

Today is a new day, not the broken pieces of yesterday. Your battle hasn’t ended yet, so fight again, and now stronger and braver than yesterday. in sha Allaah.Just never despair of His Mercy, never despair of your failures today, in sha Allaah better days are coming, keep the faith always have hope, never let depression live in your hearts rather crush the depression with the faith and trust you have in Him.


and we pray that those who are facing such struggles these days are to be given comfort by Allah who is As Salaam that in His Love, Guidance and Protection we among others who are struggling would find such ease in our trust in Him. in sha Allah.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is like a rare flower
That blossoms once a year
And just as you begin to smell its fragrance
It disappears for another year 
Make the most of it now
While you still have the chance
For the harvesting season is here
And it won’t last 
The last 10 days
Have approached so fast
And as the days wizz past
How do our deeds fare 
Put your heart in action
And your limbs in gear
Multiply your deeds
So your rewards be dear

Friday, June 28, 2013


ya aku sedar yang Trial dah dekat tak sampai pun sebulan..
PMR pun tinggai berapa hari ja lagi..
Masa berjalan tapi..?
Aku masih macam ni
Takdak usaha nak berubah..
Bukannya tak sedar tapi malas..
Malas nak pegang buku, nak baca buku..
Maybe betul cakap Cikgu Wani
Kepala ni dah banyak 'disogok' batch kali ni terbaik, result mesti elok dll
Sampai kami lalai.. 
Tengoklah sekarang dah bulan 6. actually penghujung bulan 6!
Tapi tengok perangai kami.. masalah yang makin menjadi jadi..
Taktau la. Mungkin ramai Cikgu yang dah banyak terasa tapi tak tunjuk..
Takdak langsung cooperation..
Masing masing cuma fokus nak study bila exam dah dekat..
Lepastu sibuk topik ni tak semoat baca, topik tu tak sempat baca..
Selama ni masa yang ada..kita cuma tau nak main ja berseronok tak kira masa..


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AKU TAK MAU BALIK ASRAMA ESOK !!!T_____________________T

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